Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 day give: days 6,7,8,9 &10

why did i think that i could blog every night for 30 days when i have a new babe and 2 crazy little boys!? 

ahhhhh~ well, we are a tad behind on a few things! we still have our letter on the table to mail to someone with a stamp on it, waiting to be addressed, from day 2! we seem to be a day behind on 2 other days! we finally made it to the neighbors house from day 3, on tuesday night with pictures that the boys colored and chips and salsa from el camps for a snack and a chat.  then we drove through dunkin' on wednesday to pay for someone's coffee from toasty tuesday!! 

the most important things are we are getting things accomplished to make other people happy!
well, i guess tonight, hunter didn't make someone too happy! so now we will have to do extra deeds this week to make up for it! haha! my parents took him to home depot tonight and they had a huge scary witch at the front of the store. hunter asked what it was. my mom told him it was a witch and they are not nice! well, while getting a new key made, hunter looks at the little lady grinding the key and points at her and says "look mimi! she looks just like a witch!"  my mom said she was SO embarrassed!

looks like we will have to buy a few extra people coffee just for that little stunt! hunter, hunter, hunter!

ok, so days 6-10 that you can do through the weekend are:

6-make special time for your spouse-significant other go on a date, turn off your phones.  just spend time with each other.  if you can't get a babysitter to go on a date, put the kids to bed and watch your favorite show together!

7- while shopping this weekend, return someone's cart, share a coupon you have, or give up that front row parking spot! i am always so happy when someone does one of these, or all 3!:)

8- do something nice for your mailman! we love our mail man! he is so sweet to the boys! he is the same  mailman i had growing up! this summer, while unloading groceries, on a super hot day, we gave him an ice cream sandwich and that made his day! you could put a picture from your kids in the mailbox, or put a gift card in there for him! our mailman goes to wendy's and subway a lot on his lunch break, so even if you just do a $5 gift card to one of those, that would be so sweet!

9- do something nice for your parents! this past weekend, i had shawn's parents over for dinner and tonight i had my parents over! just do a little something to spend time with them or let them know you are thinking about them!
my sweet parents
my sweet in-laws  

10- compliment a random person. quick,easy and free! :)

have a great weekend

Monday, November 5, 2012

30 day give: day 6

i call today, toasty tuesday
every tuesday this month will be the same thing:

day 6
buy someone's coffee in line behind you

"the smallest deed is better than the grandest intention"
~ duguet

i know we all have intentions to help the homeless,save the trees, buy someone in need a car,but why not just start small and buy someone a cup of coffee?! it is something little but it will make someone's day!

Drive thru starbucks, dunkin' or  mickey d's and buy someone's coffee! if you have never done this before, it is really so much fun! it makes MY day every time i do it! 

check back tomorrow for day 7 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 day give: day 5

day 5
mail a letter to someone 

i don't know about you,but i love getting a "thinking of you" card in the mail! what ever happened to the good ol' fashioned hand written note?! we got too busy with life and send out a text or facebook message instead!  

if you don't have time to go to the store and get a card, make a little card of your own!

i'm sure you'll make the persons' day that you send it to!

p.s. pick up that bag of items you gathered on saturday and drop them off somewhere today!

check back tomorrow for day 6
(one of my favorite things to blog about "toasty tuesday's)

just some sweetness for your monday morning 
my daughter capri, 8 days old :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

30 day give: day 4

day 4
do something nice for a neighbor

we have the sweetest neighbors ever! they invite us to all of their family gatherings and have us over ever single day in the summer to swim! 

summer fun

today, i'm going to have the boys draw them a picture, and i'm going to pick them up a gift card to their favorite breakfast spot and take it over to them to tell them we appreciate their sweetness! 

you could rake your neighbors leaves, bake them a cake,stop by their house if you know they are lonely and let them talk your ear off! or just something small and to say "hi"!

check back tomorrow for day 5

30 day give: day 3

day three you can do without leaving the house
make a pile of things to donate

"one man's trash, is another man's treasure"

clean out your closets.
have your kids clean out their toy room.
go through your junk drawers.
clean out your garage.
get rid of things you are not using.

i love having my kids clean out their toy room. first of all they have way too many, and it's less toys that i have to clean up! but secondly, its teaching them to give too! about every 3 weeks i have them go in their toy room and pick at least  3 things to give away. sometimes they want to give a brand new toy away and i'm like "that's a brand new toy, your not giving that away!" ha ha ! but then i think that's good that they have such a giving heart and i should probably let them! :)

my litte givers

perfect time to clean out your closets and get rid of those clothes you have not worn in forever, you know the ones your saving just in case you might need them someday:) 

so get your booty movin' and send all your family members to get a few things you can donate!

check back tomorrow for day 4

Friday, November 2, 2012

30 day give: day 2

day 2  is short and sweet
be the best customer ever and leave your waiter/waitress an extra big tip!

everyone goes out to eat on the weekends, so this is a great opportunity to be a blessing to your waitress and let her know she was great! let's just cover all the bases, even if she wasn't so great and friendly, still leave a extra nice tip! it might just be the thing she needs to put a smile on her face!

"Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness"  

we are always sure to leave a good tip, especially going out to eat with these messy eaters
(doesn't hunter look so happy? ha ha)

found this receipt online, its always nice to get and give a tip bigger than the bill!

check back tomorrow for day 3
have a great weekend

Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 day give: day 1

it's that time of year again to give to others~ well, that should be all year long, but sometimes we need something to motivate and remind us that life isn't all about us, and the holidays are a perfect time to start!  everyday in the month of November,  i'm going to be giving suggestions for everyone to do daily! not only does it make others feel good but you will be surprised how good you will feel after doing something nice to bless someone else!

day 1 is simple
Say something to a family member to encourage and build them up! 

Look at this crazy powerful illustration of how our words can effect the people around us and our life in general:

my mom did this experiment , above, you will see two different jars. both were filled with plain cooked rice. on a daily basis, my mom said nice, uplifting things to one, and mean, hateful things to the other. look at the difference !!! if you don't believe it, try it! look how just speaking to rice made it turn all moldy and yucky! think about this when you talk to other people,esp your spouse and kids! 

can you imagine if we only said uplifting, encouraging, nice things to others!? this world would be a different place!

i did this today with my kids, to my boys, i said "do you know mommy loves you? you are so special! you are smart and athletic (had to throw athletic in for my hubby, haha)! you guys are so nice! you're good listeners, you are so good at everything you do!" You should of seen the smile on their faces!  i'm going to do this on a daily basis!

if you are married, try doing this with your spouse! first of all, every woman likes to hear that she is beautiful and appreciated!:) and women, tell your husband how you are thankful for him working so hard for your family, or how handsome he is!

lets not let things get "moldy" in our lives, or others, go say something nice to someone...
right now:)

p.s. you are so smart for participating in this! it could change someone's life!:)

check back tomorrow for day 2